If the Bitcoin an intrinsic value?

Whether the Bitcoin has an intrinsic value or completely depend it not who you ask.

Critics claim outright that the Bitcoin the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization at all no intrinsic value (fundamental elementary inherently) and see it only as a highly speculative Vermogenswert whose price only it depends how much of the Opposite is just willing to pay for it.

Demgegenuber are the proponents Bitcoins arguing that for the creation of a Bitcoins and resources are expended must.

There were such.

As the mining activities to the creation of Coins the computing power required for which in turn a large e is needed amount of expensive electricity and more expensive hardware.

They also argue that the Bitcoin increasing worldwide acceptance experiencing and the increasing number of users of crypto Assetes also contributes its share to the value of Bitcoins.

Generally speaking, a safeguard usually has no intrinsic or inherent value.

The production of safeguarding form nowadays most used FIAT Money / Cash costs hardly anything.

Its value this creates that governments designate accept for payment of taxes and it “for legal tender all public and private debt” as.

In other words, the value of currencies is derived from the fact that it is accepted by the general public as cash and not that it has an intrinsic value, or may be otherwise useful.

The production of Bitcoins is limited and Made only determined? By a cryptographic hashing algorithm.

The Miner ask the network their computing power at your disposal to validate transactions and to protect it from transactions from harmful activities such as Double Spending and the Ruckgangigmachen.

Darfur they are paid after finding a VALID block with Bitcoins.

The level of difficulty for finding a block depends on the network related to the disposal and processing power is adjusted automatically.

If the network is provided at a time when a large number of processing power then the code finding adjusts the Difficulty so difficult is new Bitcoins.

is the other way around it works logically exactly the same so that the Difficulty lowered when the power fed to the network computing power of Miner is low so new block can be found more easily.

At the beginning ranged from a few computers around the Bitcoin network secure so that the creation of new coins quickly? He went High unfolds in big.

Since then, however, much has happened and the number of countries participating in the network computer and Mining devices make their computing power at your disposal is massively increased what is bekannterma? S effect on the difficulty of finding a block.

Nowadays, it is almost exclusively? Lich professional miners reserved to find new block and Darfur to pocket the block reward.

The Bitcoin protocol prescribes that the reward for the Miner for finding a VALID block (Block Reward) every 210,000 blocks (about 4 years) is halved.

In the publication of Bitcoins the block reward was still at 50 Bitcoins while it currently only 12 5 are also be reduced in the near future 6 25 which let the scarcity again rise and the value of the known principle of supply and to increase demand.

The miners are forced to do so much money for electricity special hardware and spend their maintenance can to keep up with the network.

In addition, they must deal on various stock exchanges with laws local guidelines and courses.

As a result, they will not sell their deserved Bitcoin for less than for what they have invested in resources in the mining.

Additionally need for them, a certain profit arise so that they have an incentive to continue to participate in the network.

The production of Bitcoins is free and requires unlike FIAT currencies printed by central banks endlessly can advance a large s use of resources.

Also, the Bitcoin is gaining popularity worldwide and more often accepted.

A large number of e company sees over time the benefits and potential of the “reserve currency of the crypto world,” she so start him as payment for good and services to accept.

So you can say that Bitcoin in this case has a value of at least a high than that of traditional currencies.

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