Cryptocurrency and tax office: Do Bitcoin winnings are taxed? –

  might earn the state. Who had the courage for investing time in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin gave and there is a lot to pick up. Whopping 12,000 percent price increase had to do so alone in recent years. Five years ago, a Bitcoin was $ barely 8th Today there are around 14,000. Congratulations. But even with the virtual investment, the investment is not the most difficult task. Often it falls investors difficult to separate again at the right time. In view of the above figures is currently perhaps the right moment came to realize profits. Because if financial pundits like Warren Buffet could be right, the fairy tale soon come to an end jahes. But of course it falls at this point difficult people to give such returns get good advices. Therefore, we restrict ourselves better to the actual subject. Namely: How Bitcoin exchange gains actually treated for tax purposes? So that tax at all is a subject must love these are initially once realized. As with investing in equities as well. But other than securities of the profit of crypto money is not subject to withholding tax but will erungsgeschaft counted from the Treasury as a private Verau?. The same is true for example in real estate antiques or works of art. Derlei provides assets must be declared in the tax return as ‘Other income derived’. The profit is then taxed at the respective personal income tax rate. however, losses can with profits from other Verau? erungsgeschaften will be charged. Those who themselves schurfen (Mining) need profits, however, how such taxes on a business enterprise. Who abraumt as arrival and sellers less than 600 euros with Bitcoins can, at least in view of the above rate developments so that trosten up to this limit apply and no taxes. However, there are for Bitcoin investors also the possibility the whole cake at much higher profits to keep. Namely then if between purchase and sale of bitcoins more than a year. Then protects the profit the so-called speculation tax. That existed earlier once for shares before the state came up with the idea and stop regardless of the holding period of the investment’s hand. Somewhat more difficult it is but if the Bitcoins were purchased at different times and at different prices. Then the so-called first-in-first-out method is needed. Here it is assumed that those Bitcoins have been acquired at the earliest as those are considered to have been sold first. Can the purchase and sale of certain Bitcoins be clearly distinguished from other Bitcoin deal speculation tax comes into play. Investors are in any case well advised their transactions for the tax authorities to accurately document and as it were a voluntary logbook for to lead the crypto rally. Anyway breakfast was supposed to be right and you then might not only leave a worthless securities account statement over the interim wealth on paper his grandchildren but love a chic villa should eventually anyway now be thinking about a partial sale. at least to part of the half of his Bestande is perhaps a very good strategy. What has been you. Is the story continues, there is nevertheless still 50 percent of the use to earn some.

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