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  with whom he benefits procured in games started in entering the computer world. He began to use his knowledge and other players virtual Spielezubehor and other things to sell. And the profits he invested into Bitcoinbusiness more precisely, he worked as a kind of Bitcoinbuchhalter. For all transactions of digital preservation are verified by users on the network and then stored in the so-called block chain. This is actually just a long string of data blocks. Every ten minutes will see a new block by the recent transactions are stored. Around the block to produce but complicated computation is experience dictate by the drove so-called Miner. One of them was Schienerberg. As a reward, they get even Bitcoins are newly geschurft in mining. I’ve got quite a lot of money recalls Schienerberg. to draw enough in 2013 to Switzerland the famous crypto Valley in train which have countless because of the favorable tax rates and friendly regulatory conditions makers of digital currencies their formal seat. There grundete Schienerberg his first start-up and wanted to build a trading platform for crypto currencies. Instead, he experienced how changeable the Kryptogeschaft can be: A year later, there was a first crash. Since I have lost all my money to Schienerberg recalls. Half a million euros was as fast as they had come to leave. The Bitcoin had verfunffacht its value in three months and had risen to the then mind-boggling appearing rate of more than 1000 dollars at the end-2013. But then he rushed back to near $ 200. And only in early 2017 he managed again 1000erMarke with whom he began a new much more extreme High Flight. To 20 000 dollars Bitcoin climbed became the Partygesprach and made it into the news. From the youngest Boom also Schienerberg benefits. However, he has long since left the Bitcoin behind. Instead, he moved to Berlin and started the Norwegians David Sønstebø own cryptocurrency called IOTA develop. It should be the backbone of an autonomous economy of machines. If you liked ausschopfen the potential of the Internet of things you have to make possible that machines pay each other says Schienerberg. With this idea he is not alone. If befordern in the next few years autonomous vehicles passengers then alone for fuel or parking places should pay. When vehicles need to pay selbststandig furs store or park your car safe technique also says Johann Jungwirth Chief Digital Officer at Volkswagen. That’s why he has already met with Schienerberg whose slogan is called the auto executives very exciting. Still, the development is in its beginnings. And yet also have other large corporations e interest. The German Telekom Microsoft Innogy and Volkswagen are among the companies which currently IOTA view or even experiment with it. Bosch also belongs to the partners, the Stuttgart late December even bought a significant amount of IOTA coins and now want to develop joint projects. Also the price of IOTA has grown rapidly in the past year: from less than 20 cents in the summer in some cases more than five dollars. At times, belonged IOTA thus one of the five most valuable crypto currencies of the world. Most recently she was with a market capitalization of over ten billion at number ten. Because there are now more that make the Bitcoin competition than 1,300 crypto currencies. Some of the most promising of them as just IOTA or Ethereum be ma? Geblich developed in Berlin. Berlin is the European Capital of crypto if not tell the world Ethereum developers Fabian fowler. The youngest hype he sees with mixed feelings. Fowler was surprised also about the huge increase and had a much earlier Bitcoin Crash expected. therefore forecasts dare many Many years of connoisseurs of the scene reluctantly. I have no idea where it goes says fowler. By a large long lasting s slump to a multiplication in three or four years, everything seems possible. But the performance is secondary to many protagonists. Crucial is the development of an incipient block chain technology that still hour just beginning. Many compare the current development with the advent of the Internet. To search engines and networks there were only providers such as Lycos or MySpace until Google and Facebook interspersed. The crypto-currencies we are now in the Lycos and MySpace phase says Star investor Klaus Hommels the self Fruh invested in Facebook or Skype. And so many look for the Google and Facebook, the crypto world. So Miriam Neubauer. It is invested Managing Director of Capital Catena a new Berlin funds in start-ups in the field. The first two have just moved into a new office on a backyard in the Markgrafenstra? E. In here, it is still relatively bare, the wallpaper were scraped from the walls fresh takeover in a joint teambuilding Ma?. Now paperboard dozens neon-colored Post-its mind and form the word Crypto tank the name of the newly eroffneten Gemeinschaftsburos. Two start-ups have already moved here. Cryptonator is a network of handlers says Neubauer. For a membership fee, it provides analysis on the price development of digital currencies and the potential the uber-called Initial Coin Offerings bring new Bitcoin competitors their Kryptomunzen on the market. Another start-up hot t Herdius and working on a marketplace for digital currencies. Because even if more and more people want to put their savings into the new money is not so easy. On the weltgro? Th Borse Coinbase traded Bitcoin alongside three other currencies. To another crypto money to buy opens Neubauer side Etherdelta. However, they must send Darfur until a few Bitcoin her thereat account. The address is such a long number and letter code affects one Iban compared as a house number. If the transaction is she could, for example, still buy a few Spank. A special cryptocurrency for the porn industry with the users performer can pay directly. All the software and the purses for crypto currencies are not very user friendly also says Max Kordek. Is exactly what another of the founders of start-ups Lisk. Developers are easy to build with the technology continue to be, block chain applications can present as apps or websites. All he financed of course also with its own digital preservation called Lisk. was used as the issued two years ago, the start-up Darfur collected 14,000 Bitcoins. At that time, the value after all, already almost six million euros. But Kordek also benefited from the price jump. Our capital has now grown to 200 million, the number of employees from two to 30 has increased this year, it will be up to 60. Because like so many crypto startups Lisk has indeed great but technically still little to offer e tarpaulin and plenty of virtual capital. A large e exception is there Ethereum. It is the most important cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin may, however, far more. Bitcoin is like a calculator Ethereum however, says a computer Fabian fowler the Ethereum ma? Helped develop geblich. For in the bitcoin block chain will only subtracts and adds ultimately how much someone has. Ethereum other hand, can exports complex code. So can so-called smart contracts are programmed intelligent contracts where payments automatically defined and executed can. Many companies are already working with it and use that already. Each large e Bank and many other companies do something to block chain and most use Ethereum says fowler. A gehorendes to Innogy start-up uses Ethereum example, even the payment of electric cars to Ladesaulen handle. However, the costs are extremely Darfur soared into the high by the price increases. Also Bitcoin is a victim of its own success. Because originally the preservation cross over border payments was intended Darfur easier and to make favorable. But in the meantime are per transaction converted up to 50 US dollars due. In addition, the network has become very slow and does not come more behind to handle the transactions. The Bitcoinentwickler argue about whether to not the size e of the blocks in the chain increases so that there are more transactions are stored can. Even if the Gro? E doubled the Bitcoin block it does not take long and the network is also fully says fowler. They had actually verhundert- or thousandfold. Ethereum has similar problems and therefore working on improvements. The question is still whether the come in time and enough. Or whether a new cryptocurrency takes over the field. Some say could be the IOTA. For the Berliner put on a slightly different technical concept a kind of block chain without block. Critics in turn for not safe enough. All the technology is still in its infancy says fowler. He compares it to cars: The first were implemented slowly and loudly, they have anyway. Whether the Bitcoin crashes or not does not matter, the block chain technology will stay. Please log in or register at first so you can use the comment function.

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