Onecoin buy: Is the new cryptocurrency legitimate?

OneCoin name of the new virtual preservation in the end no one au? It benefits the inventors of OneCoins. So what is behind the OneCoins? And is the new cryptocurrency serios? In this guide we clear on. On the Internet are currently the so-called “OneCoins” hot discussed – the virtual preservation is seen as the successor to the 2009 first presented and Bitcoins to replace other crypto currencies. On its own website the OneCoins be full-bodied as a “unique opportunity” and touted as “revolution of the digital Okonomie”. But can this really be trusted? And how the OneCoins actually work exactly? In the following article we will give you an overview of the phenomenon OneCoin. Crypto currencies have recently attracted everyone’s lips: The digital currencies make possible cashless transactions without a central regulatory authority (eg a national central bank) – is secured the preservation of computationally intensive cryptographic Verschlusselungsmechanismen – this is to ensure that no one respectively, and manipulate his own digital fortune may au addition is the identity of the users due to decentralized data storage in the dark. There are now about 3,000 different crypto currencies – but have very few can enforce it. The most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin – recently but there is a respect for the for the internet sensation makes – the OneCoins. The OneCoins basically works similar to other crypto currencies: Respect is to act as an alternative to conventional money – because OneCoin in itself has no intrinsic value (intrinsic value) need the user to the value of the new safeguard believe that is trust is that real value in the real world keeping with other users of safeguard for the OneCoins. To prevent inflation there is a ceiling for the total amount of issued OneCoins au addition you can through the so-called “mining” (Schurfen) virtual coins earn – similar to the Bitcoin mining. There are also in the OneCoins but some key differences from other crypto currencies – and it is here where ignite the questions. Not least because of this last point, many consumers Schutzer warn the OneCoins to invest: Each of the fur OneCoin advertises has concrete financial self-interest in mind – the OneCoin bubble should eventually burst times and ultimately not enforce the respect one has possibly much more money for nothing invested and stands there empty-handed at the end. Behind OneCoin even the company is OneCoin Ltd. based in Gibraltar. The sale runs over the resident of Bulgaria One Network Services Ltd – the bank with which it cooperates is the Georgian Capital Bank. The company was founded by Dr. Bulgarierin Ruja Ignatova – the entrepreneur was au chosen according to its own information in their home country already several times to Geschaftsfrau of the year addition is said to have worked for the renowned management consultancy McKinsey few years?. Ignatova has a doctorate in Oxford and consistency in law and various other awards – All thing is not clear whether these allegations really agree. The OneCoin-Grunderin should also have been on the cover of the magazine “Forbes”, for example – in hindsight turned out that this is probably only a fictitious advertising Interview acted. On the Internet, there are numerous sites and blogs found that advertise for the OneCoins and extolling the merits of the system. Due to the above sales model it is but here au first be careful: Each of the campaigns for OneCoin has a vested financial interest in maintaining the virtual to push it because it is thereby rewarded with mining licenses. This is therefore probably not to independent users without ulterior motives. Consumer Schutzer also warn of the OneCoins. “Much indicates a snowball down” so Bettina Schrittwieser head of the consumer protection in the Austrian Labor. “According to our information must constantly new entrants are recruited to the initial investment – by the way in good old Euros -. Bring in again,” This’ll be that exchange rates “extremely unstable” his strong and varied greatly. Therefore, an investment konne be regarded as “safe” in any case.

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