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For several months the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is at a premium. Over 2,500 euros a Bitcoin was worth the meantime. As a new whose value has proven to be verfunffacht in recent months more. Who he believes konne with safeguarding speculation with young crypto currencies quickly make large e money might is right – or lose everything. Besides Bitcoin and ether some new crypto currencies have recently surfaced in which investors should be aware that these are high-risk investments. The company behind the cryptocurrency Onecoin called its product as a “financial revolution”. For two years Onecoin is on the market. But behind the newcomer the crypto scene infected womoglich a pyramid scheme – even if the company resists this claim. It is different than Bitcoins whose source code open and traded on various portals are handled can Onecoin transactions only via the company’s website. Investors are thus completely from Onecoin operator dependent. A block chain to exist is not publicly accessible. The “financial revolution” is funded through training in which interested people for 130 euros learn aufwarts can as trade and Schurfen the Onecoins works. The most expensive courses cost tens of thousands of euros. be Onecoin fans advertise that other customers get the company commissions in the form of so-called token about the new Onecoins geschurft can. But for months there are increasing signs that when cryptocurrency not everything runs as it should run. Thus, the German Banking Supervision International Marketing Services forbade the payment processor behind the preservation early May transactions with Onecoins in Germany tatigen because the respective licenses were missing. Later had the Dubai company OneCoin Ltd and OneLife Network Ltd from Belize to set the deal in Germany. The process is not yet complete. Accounts worth 29 million euros have been blocked and the Bielefeld public prosecutor’s office on suspicion of fraud and violations the law on the supervision of payment services. hot on request from Grunder scene? t it by the company to work “constructively with the authorities together” and “the efforts of the prosecutor sweethearts the okonomische security to increase.” According to the Ermittlungsbehorden 360 million euros by German investors about Onecoin he country are now au? Have been brought. Also in Austria and Italy go authorities against persons from the Onecoin environment, among other things because of fraud. In Onecoin you wahnt to erwartungsgema? in law: you have “real products” offer the deal was legal contradicts Onecoin the Vorwurfen. However, Stiftung Warentest warned already in 2016 emphatically before investing. ? The young competitor Onecoin is called Swisscoin and does not come – as the name is meant to suggest – from Switzerland but according to the commercial register of Leipzig. the coin vendor explained, however, to feel committed to the “Swissness” of its products on request. The company origins are to be found in Switzerland. Swisscoin works similar to Onecoin. So similar that it Onecoin an eyesore is. So the agency entrusted by Onecoin Hamburg law firm Schulenberg und Schenk Swisscoin raises stolen before Terms and copied and to have acted against the Geschaftsbetrieb with interim grouting. On demand, too, when Swisscom to “over-zealous service and staff” who “is unable saw the requirements of Geschaftsleitung to meet.” Terms of Onecoin had been copied without the knowledge of Geschaftsleitung. As was the elder competitors earned money Swisscoin among others by selling training packages for more than one million users, there will be according to the company. Man “work but hard to develop its distribution channels” hot it t the company. In addition, the Swisscoin source code to be published “in short” and a “central decision-making body” omitted. A block chain is already publicly visible show but so far only the transactions of a “test system”. For the Stiftung Warentest Swisscoin ranks still on a similar level of risk as Onecoin. From Swisscoin hot t it out that it is difficult “to distinguish without any knowledge of the internal systems between ‘black sheep’ and real service.” Many other Coin provider offered to swap only meaningless products and tried clients. Otherwise this was at Swisscoin. So far embody both currencies – Onecoin and Swisscoin – but the opposite of wofur the crypto scene actually is: not PUBLiC source code transparency and centralized control. In Giracoin one fights to establish a pyramid scheme to demand from Grunder scene against the charge: Rather it were “a normal commission system” Giracoin offer “tatsachliche and valuable products” such as services related to the payment transactions. The block chain is publicly visible. 55000 users should have already invested according to the company. The accusation of Stiftung Warentest you can “not understand” at Giracoin. When asked about the competitors and Onecoin Swisscoin distancing oneself expressly at Giracoin “of unseriosen providers in the same segment.” What is the difference to the tatsachliche Geschaftsmodellen the other crypto currencies could you not tell on demand.

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