Interview with Dr. Ingo Fiedler to crypto currencies

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Dr. Fiedler Ethereum Ripple OmiseGo Qtum Stellar lumen as buzzing one of the head. Today there are hundreds of crypto currencies that know very few people. Did we miss something? Dr. Fiedler: The issue has several aspects. If you ask me about the societal importance of crypto currencies I say: You are not so important. But that changed abruptly when a central bank was suddenly issue a cryptocurrency. Dr. Fiedler: Yes definitely. I think within the next five years for very realistic. Some countries like Great Britain are already experimenting with it. Then the cryptocurrency ware another form of distribution of the VALID maintaining So for example, the British pound. She had the same value as the pound and was coexist with cash and deposit money. That would be almost a block chain-based Pound. Dr. Fiedler: Such block chain based cryptocurrency has excellent properties and would be better than a centrally cleared digital preservation in some respects. A money transfer with cryptocurrency was going much faster than a herkommliche SEPA credit transfer. The Geldwaschebekampfung ware by complete transparency much easier, for example, it would be conceivable that providers of online games Gluck in terms of a white- / blacklisting only accept these legal cryptocurrency. The money creation in the real economy could therefore also move: Each burger could get a separate account at the central bank. This was easier to control money supply of a country and they direct more efficient and more transparent. Dr. Fiedler: You will be put on the market for different purposes. Bitcoins for example, are less a preserve but rather have a store of value function similar to gold. You will hardly Darfur used goods to pay because the transaction costs also are as for gold too high. The volatility is high that has to do with the young maturity of Bitcoins and low compared to about Gold number of share holders. Other crypto currencies act more as a utility token for certain services for about Smart Contracts called selbstauslosende contract or making calls in African countries. Dr. Fiedler: Yes, especially when you are out. The market is currently characterized by a high willingness to pay that have become very rich earlier investors. For them, the money is loose and therefore is by bringing out new crypto currencies or block chain-based token currently earning a lot of money. Dr. Fiedler: In the future, all issued by central banks crypto currencies will gain in importance. But there are not instantaneous. Of the currently existing crypto currencies in my opinion, will develop only three. That’s the one Bitcoins although they are clearly inferior technically but? Have the big ten network effect and the second Ethereum which is about to play a role in corporate finance and offers Smart contracting opportunities. Dr. Fiedler: This is a safeguard on a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) constituting a multi-dimensional quasi block chain, and is highly scalable. Here is the first DAG-based safeguard IOTA to call it, in contrast to the normal block chain works better the more transactions are made. Dr. Fiedler: IOTA has no transaction costs, and is therefore very interesting for Micro and Nano Payments. Transactions can be what makes them interesting for the logistics market also performed offline. This brand new cryptocurrency is not yet developed to an end and an experiment which certainly can also fail. but I see a lot of potential in this technology. Ingo Fiedler (34) is a visiting professor at Concordia University in Montreal / Canada and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hamburg. At the University of Hamburg he both studied business administration and economics and graduated with highest awards. At the University of California at Berkeley / USA and Concordia University in Montreal, he completed stints as a visiting scientist. Fiedler is the author of six specialist bookers and 40 scientific articles. His expertise is regularly on political Entscheidungstragern at home and abroad asked about ministries at federal and state level, the Bundestag or the european parliament. His research focus topics Gluck games Block Chain crypto currencies and money laundering belong. Currently he promotes with his team at the University of Hamburg research funds one at the Federal Ministry of Economics for a project to decentralized cogeneration chain based energy markets. Crypto currencies are digital cash that can be purchased on the Internet. Currently (2017) there are about 3,000 different crypto currencies. They are cropped by individuals and are not subject to sovereign organization. They are based on the block chain technology. The most famous cryptocurrency are Bitcoins are traded since in 2009. Crypto currencies are subject to strong price fluctuations. With crypto money you can pay directly in digital form and needed no bank Darfur. It is not legal tender. The German Federal Agency for Financial Services Supervision (BaFin) classifies the cryptocurrency Bitcoin one than a comparable foreign exchange value unit.

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