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As Crypto Stamp a series of stamps will of the Austrian Post AG called contains a digital image in the block chain and each stamp is assigned a unique token.

[1] From 11 June 2019, the brand was acquired at a price of 6 90 Euro.

The price thus corresponds to the printed Stamp nominal value to the value of the postage costs will be settled with the brand can.

The brand can be in the middle to separate the left half can be for the delivery of letters and parcels used.

[2] At the time of appearance of the stamp corresponded to the nominal value 6 90 Euro the tariff level Mail International EU and the rest of Europe L (max.

Size L 353 mm? Mm B 250? H mm Weight kg 30 to 2).

[3] The other part of the brand blocks contains the access to a Ethereum-Paperwallet.

The credentials are covered by scratch surfaces.

This Wallet corresponds to a “purse” which is based on the independent online trading platform Ethereum with cryptocurrency ether.

The Unicorn shown is the emblem of the Ethereum community.

[2] The stamp is not prepared as usual stamps from dunnem paper but resembles the nature and Gro? E of a conventional credit card.

[4] The 150,000 stamps are physically identical and differ optically barely.

Any digital twin was deposited a (virtual) color to increase their collector value which is visible only through an online query for example, by scanning the QR code.

Alternatively, the printed ID let enter online manually.

[6] [1] Each brand has a printed Ethereum-Paperwallet with public key and private key.

On the Ethereum wallet, a small amount of ether and CS1 (Crypto Stamp Edition 1) token is.

The ether credit is available so you can send the CS1 token and therefore the Transaktionsgebuhren be paid at least once may.

The CS1 token based on the platform of Ethereum and were created as ERC721 token.

[7] The red stamps were the end of June 2019 among collectors for several 100 to 10,000 euros traded.

[6] Helmut Kogler president of the Association Osterreichischer Philatelistenvereine halt these high prices for not justified.

[6] Tom Sperlich described the brand in an article by Heise online as “far-reaching PR campaign” of the Austrian Post.

[1] Michael Leitner wrote for Futurezone remember the concept strongly Panini sticker and trading card games since one when buying not see which color variant sustaining.


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