COUNSELOR: What is Payone? And: How does Payone?

Payone is a payment service provider (payment service) for online payments and offers companies the opportunity Sony Hallhuber and Globetrotter wrap payment in their online shops over Payone from.

In this paper, we show you what Payone is and how you can use it.

About Payone you can handle all payment processes and international transactions.

The link to shop systems is simple and can be carried out quickly.

In addition to the payment management can also additional services Payone be obtained under the lop Geschaftsalltag.

Payone is certified according to the PCI DSS and is annually BE checked again and applies highest safety standards.

The leistungsfahigen data centers see to it that the payments can take place any time smoothly.

Payment for online shop will not leave in your layout so that the customer side.

The integration of Payone in your shop is just there not acquire any additional program will need.

Payone provides the services as part of “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) at your disposal you so that all products can be used in the browser.

With Payone you can your customers a full range of payment methods to offer.

These include both card-based payment systems and e-wallets and accounting department.

Payone cooperates to make possible with different payment service to a wide range.

So can international payments especially over foreign credit cards are handled.

About the Payone platform you can take advantage of other services.

These are divided into different modules that you can book when needed.

For the use of Payone falls a Setupgebuhr at from 49 EUR.

After that must be paid monthly 10 EUR Grundgebuhr.

The other costs are transaction and umsatzabhangig and are each payment between 0 13 EUR and 0 19 EUR.

Depending on the booked module or other conditions, the individual prices may vary.

For new shops or small handlers are some possible special prizes.

Talk to a customer service representative at Payone to obtain a person ing offer.

I have a debit from Payone on my account.

How can I find out what will be charged as there is nothing useful there.

Hello Seeber normally should at least there are a purpose or an invoice number.

Have you getatigt lately Online Buy? Then compare the payment amount by which the purchases and hook in the online shop according to which payment providers that works together.

A demand for Payone itself can help.

Please note that this is not legal advice and only result of our own research.

Contact for a legal advice to a specialists.

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