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Bitcoin, faced with a rapid recovery before it faced lie almost immediately a significant selling pressure ausloste the BTC in the 9300 $ region plunge ?.

The Craig Wright has taken its war against Bitcoin quite serious because of the controversial nChain scientists could have in the next few years around 6000 patents on the block chain technology.

He claims that he currently already between 100 The Altcoinmarkt has been increased significantly in 2020.

As Closest Altcoins prepare a global outbreak great he could lead horizontal resistance against which when exceeded to a return of the old season.

The ten The Bitcoin price is since the beginning of the new year in the uptrend.

Within just 31 days, the cryptocurrency increased by about 30% and became one of the previously leistungsstarksten Vermogenswerte the year 2020.

The Bitcoin price has on Bitcoin Although a Twitter Emoji received but it is Ethereum currently performed better.

The second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has risen since the beginning of by 51 percent.

In comparison, Bitcoin has in his rally, the Bitcoin price declined 9,500 US dollars from a several years of resistance with which he had fought in the past two weeks.

The last time was when he zuruckgewiesen at this level in a similar pattern was BTC to 6,000 dollars.

Although currently almost all eyes are on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency Tezos has shown a strong performance in the last 24 hours.

According to the data of Trading View of Altcoin of 1 75 dollar was up until 2 04 dollars.

The Grin developer who was charged with the implementation of data protection features in Litecoin announced the introduction of a new type of transaction to the “open up in the future, more opportunities will be.

” The US Congress had yesterday a Anhorung about cashless payment technologies.

During the discussion erwahnte Tom Emmer, the chairman of the National Republican Congress Committee in addition to several alternatives and crypto currencies like Whether you like it or not XRP has not raced in recent years too well.

Ever since his Hochststand in January 2018 acted as the cryptocurrency at about 3 00 $ the price of XRP is crashed and dropped to 0 $ 20.

This means Our ultimate goal is to provide the interested reader a quick general overview of national and international events in the field of crypto currencies.

Here us is very important, we believe that no censorship apply and there is no blockade of certain issues.

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