China is heading for its own cryptocurrency

China to issue its own cryptographic safekeeping. An introduction am ‘imminent’ said Mu Changchun Deputy Director for payments in derchinesischen Federal Reserve over the weekend at a conference in Yichunin Heilongjiang Province. Temporally concrete Mu was not. According to Mu, the new digital money is the monetary M0ersetzen. This means the cash flow and dieUberschussreserven of commercial banks at the central bank. DieEinfuhrung own cryptocurrency should also derinternationalen spread of Chinese Yuan preserving serve said the deputy director. China would be the first major e economy einfuhrt the own digital safekeeping. While some central banks do research darunterdie Central Bank of Sweden have long to similar Konzepten.China appears in the efforts but much more to be than other countries. Possibly the inroads China is also introduce a reaction to dieAnkundigung a consortium to the social network Facebook mit’Libra ‘own digital currency. Libramusse be considered as foreign currency Sun Tianqi vomDevisenamt China said at the conference. China allowed a large it might be interested in a close supervision of a new digital currency. however, classical crypto currencies wieBitcoin put rather on anonymity and dezentraleKonzepte. However, central banks warn regularly against the risks of using such diemit crypto currencies can involve including money laundering and Terrorfinanzierung./bgf/jkr/mis

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