Cryptocurrency: News and press releases

Kryptoborsen soon have to follow the same rules as banks. Customers need to be clearly identified and transactions over years are stored. The new smartphone is to safely and easily integrated into everyday mobile Bitcoin and Co.. The manufacturer might as crypto currencies continue to spread. Puerto Rico is to be built to run over the block chain and is paid only by Bitcoin in all contracts a city. Due to the rising prices of many crypto currencies Cryptojacking ransomware has clearly overtaken last year. Google follows Facebook and prohibits advertising for crypto currencies completely. Other areas of the financial world are affected. Binance could prevent a spectacular theft last week. References to the offender, the company rewarded with $ 250,000. Mining hardware meets electric heating – A new GERAT will use the generated during mining and otherwise unused waste heat for heating raumen. Crypto mining on hacked servers is more profitable than ransomware. Hackers now abuse the Eternal Blue Exploit for Windows Server infect. Binance could prevent millions of theft with its automatic safety system. The criminals lost a large amount Viacoins. In the current year, an index fund to be launched

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