Rewe chief defends budget before summit meeting food prices

DUSSELDORF (AFX) – over before tip racks speech at the Chancellery cheap deals on food has Rewe boss Lionel Souque defended the pricing of trade. ‘In Germany, some 13 million people live in poverty or on the poverty line. Favorable food prices make possible these people a safe and healthy diet. The want and we will make as a food handler in the future ‘to talk about more value estimation of food. ‘Because there is in Germany certainly catching up to do.’ But one fragrances of chemist not forget that in the first place consumers are by the favorable food prices profitierten./rea/DP/zb Beatrix von Storch: ‘CDU economic policy-makers want to Merkel’s nuclear phase ruckgangig and follow as the AFD’s energy policy’

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