The world of crypto currencies

  rather, it is digital cash which are based on block chains and digital signatures. Thanks to these cryptographic or lock-line tools payment systems should be independent and above all safe. By 2009, the first Bitcoin to trade today also best known cryptocurrency. In the following years, other digital means of payment (for example, Ethereum Ripple or Litecoin) were added. 2018 were more than 4,500 crypto currencies in use. The crypto currencies anonymous payments will allows and especially the digital preservation is considered due to the complicated Verschlusselung than not manipulated. The payment takes place without central instances. So payments are independent of financial institution. The accounting of the crypto currencies takes place in a separate storage form the block chain. Here the user’s transactions are recorded in lock-line form. The system of block chains is considered very safe transactions also take place quickly and easily. The operation of block chains you can read here. Crypto currencies are translated worldwide and lander about reaching valid. The digital preservation is now accepted not only in private as payment but its application has now also spread to the retail and certain restaurants. So for example, let an order in the online shop of EDEKA pay with Bitcoins and the fast-food chain Burger King offers the cryptocurrency on all orders over the app as payment. If one is to Shopping paid with the cryptocurrency a jerk booking but no longer possible. Digital Money is after the payment process irrevocably gone. This is also the case goes if the private Schlussel from the wallet of digital purse lost. In these cases, there are no legal claims or hedges. Despite the promised security, a hacker attack is still not exclude? S. Since the Bitcoin price is unrelated to the real economy, the market is very volatile. It is both too large en Aufwartstrends and strong corrections. Because of these uncertainties, the Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have not yet accepted as payment. At this point, the Internet giant Facebook and kundigte for the year is 2020, a digital cash named Libra to which should fluctuate in value significantly less than previous crypto currencies and is also easier to use. To rate fluctuations to avoid like Facebook, the digital preservation of established cash couple. So in a reserve fund the currencies US dollar Euro and Yen are to be stored. Directly via the smartphone should consumers change money from their national preserve in Libra can hierfur was only a Shortcut to the bank account of the user necessary. As Bitcoin and Co. should be kept in so-called Wallets also the Facebook currency. Paying by Libra then takes place via Facebook services like WhatsApp. Similar to PayPal let thus be used to send money to friends Send. But Libra is not to be understood as the only Facebook project. Together with renowned partners such as Visa Mastercard PayPal Uber or Spotify but also eBay and Vodafone grundete Facebook alliance Libra Association based in Switzerland. Including Facebook with a partner is. Libra is not created, unlike other crypto currencies by the users themselves. Instead, the digital preservation in members of the Association Libra or on the trading platform let purchase. Facebook and the other partners are hoping for a huge share Business of Libra. The Facebook group has 2 7 billion users of Facebook Instagram etc. a huge reach. Were it only 100 million use the digital preservation Libra had more customers than all banks in Germany together. In addition, billions of people worldwide are without their own bank account. These people could access thanks Libra numerous financial services. In developing countries with unstable preserving the digital alternative could also prevail. Critics found both in politics and among central bankers. Donald Trump predicts cryptocurrency little prestige and reliability. Many be feared that the power of Great corporations and central banks was further expanded by Libra. Central bankers around the world ensure that a parallel maintaining such Libra not let control and Libra Association with the digital preservation expanding a gigantic shadow banking. In the future, however, many companies Libra will probably accept as a new safeguard solely on the Great e of the Facebook Group. The more companies are again involved the more attractive, ultimately, the digital currency. The German policy was the crypto currencies initially critical about. Now is precisely the CDU / CSU Germany liked to pioneer in Block Chain make. The Union Parliamentarians call far-reaching steps to ensure that Germany a leading global position for block chain applications occupies. An important role is played here, the Bundesbank for the CDU and CSU. This should assist with the development of a stable value cryptocurrency help. So the party a state Stable Coin wunscht as an alternative to Libra. Perhaps the digital euros in the block chain strategy of the Federal Government takes into account already. Crypto currencies are einzuschatzen still difficult and are therefore unlikely to apply in the near future as a safe investment. The fact that an alliance of such renowned companies and corporations in developing a digital preservation invested demonstrates the growing interest of companies and investors crypto currencies. The concept of Libra is too Although critically but should not be too black picturesque approached the new preservation form. So it is the development of cryptocurrency after the release in 2020 initially once observed. By Libra not only other crypto currencies are more popular clear is that the Facebook money have an impact on the financial world.

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