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In 2008, the large reported? E at investment bank Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

bankruptcy officially.

This event was a symptom of a much larger older financial crisis reached in December 2017 worth nearly US $ 20,000 per coin and since then for thousands is traded.

The most important economic event in connection with Bitcoin is the one that has inspired its creation.

The crisis of 2008 has shown that the existing system of centralized banking for too vulnerable a waterfall-like failure is were traces its impact worldwide.

The innovative Satoshi Nakamura offered a solution that promised the current financial paradigm always for redesign.

In April 2017, the Japanese government declared the recognition of cryptocurrency as legal tender a step of Bitcoin well as dramatic an uptrend gave as he has never been observed in the financial markets before.

Indeed, the immense value of Bitcoin has many countries forced to introduce rules about the cryptocurrency.

The price volatility of Bitcoin are strongly influenced by these authorities.

Since Bitcoin compared to other global currencies has can the smallest news in a dramatic increase or decrease in prices drove such a small market capitalization.

The support or condemnation by a celebrity banning ICOs in China and even rumors will have the spread in social media proved to all as an influence on the Bitcoin price.

“Bad news” have not always a negative impact on Bitcoin.

In 2019, US President tweeted Donald Trump: “I’m not a fan of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are not real money and its value is very volatile and is based on thinner air.

Unregulated crypto assets may facilitate unlawful conduct including? Lich drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

“Bitcoin has a significant value.

To understand this better, it is useful to compare the Coin with other known products.

Bitcoin is often seen by people as digital gold.

The main difference is obvious: Gold is tangible and Bitcoin is digital.

But the technology in today’s age yet at all clear distinction? Both gold and Bitcoin have speculative investors big profits brought e and both were used as a safe haven asset.

Beyond the physical versus digital nature is another real difference that no one knows exactly? can be as much more gold mined from the planet while the total number of Bitcoins will ever exist has already been specified.

Global demand for oil has over the years claimed many investments in infrastructure and Forderkapazitaten.

But as always new electric-powered technologies could be introduced into the mainstream the Olforderung about rising demand one day.

This was to make the extraction of “black gold” less profitable and the production had to subside until prices recover.

Bitcoin is different.

The reward for the mining halved every 210,000 blocks are falling on 6 25 Coins until May 2020th when reach the reward expected 0 So after the year 2140, the miner will earn their money through Transaktionsgebuhren.

It’s the same as with an oil company that is capable of a small fee for the fuel to raise the you use in your car.

Since the inflation rate decreases steadily continue to rise to the demand of the Transaktionsgebuhren miners in the future.

Bitcoin led a radically new form of digital preservation into the mainstream financial system.

A decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash that is protected from tampering by third parties and the vulnerabilities in the central bank structure.

It did not take too long until someone discovered that the technology for much more than just a remote payment network can be used.

Ethereum uses the innovative block chain to securely store computer code that is as tamper-proof.

This code can finance contracts and decentralized applications are created.

Since Ethereum new application case is presented for the technology surpassed its value only by Bitcoin.

As long as the innovation on the Ethereum block chain developed allowed the price of increase significantly their native token.

The rapid price fluctuations of Bitcoin are already well documented.

This volatility is attributed to many factors.

The Bitcoin value ultimately determined by the PUBLIC perception of the token and the contrary brought to his confidence.

Global geopolitical events regulatory changes and almost every headline can watch the price movement of crypto influence to dramatically rise or fall.

was Although many financial experts expected that burst Bitcoin bubble was the reality rather a slow and steady deflation which is encouraging.

Since the Miner problem changed and more and more companies invest in digital asset predict the same experts now that the price of Bitcoin will rise again.

Although the financial regulations are available around the cryptocurrency constantly in turmoil, it is the basic design of the technology on the Bitcoin based the reserves its value.

Block Chain is brilliant in its simplicity and this decentralized form of digital Ledger continues to offer solutions to the lack of modern centralized banking systems.

Since Bitcoin continues to set the standard for all the Altcoins follow his example promises the coin for many years to be a sought-after investment.

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