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In almost exactly six months Bitcoin should start to a new record high. This is due to an event which he revolution because secretly and quietly opened the way. Today, ten years, and countless fluctuations later Bitcoin is the most important cryptocurrency the world. Nakamotos 50 Coins of time today have a value of nearly half a million dollars. And Nakamoto – wei from the still not? who or what he really is – is now at all perhaps the most legendary billionaire. 980,000 Bitcoins he should have by analysts, according to. In a few years already Nakamoto could even be the richest person in the world. Still, the price depends established under the 9000 dollar mark but the others could soon. If you believe crypto Jungern and Bitcoin analysts, the price in the coming year could rise significantly again. Dollar 55,000 are as a target in space. (The militant Kryptofan and software pioneer John McAfee is even talk of a million dollars.) For in six months the amount of Bitcoins is scarce artificially. This allowed the preservation demand than ever make – and therefore more valuable. We’re talking-Halving Bitcoin is the all likelihood in May 2020 to enter the so-called. Nakamoto even this “halving” has built into its crypto code to prevent inflation. Since then, the amount of daily produced Bitcoins every four years reduced. Still 1,800 bitcoins per day output. In half a year it will be only the 900th To understand the process you have to know how Bitcoins arise. Which are namely nothing more than bonuses for those who provide the cryptocurrency their computers and servers at your disposal. On them they run the Bitcoin infrastructure called the block chain. Who hinzufugt a new block to that block chain and so the infrastructure will help expand Darfur gets a reward in the form of Bitcoin. Every ten minutes are so new coins on the market. Most of these are sold directly. Per block, there were initially 50 Bitcoins as a reward. To avoid inflation, the value halved in 2012 for the first time on 25 Bitcoins. Since the second halve in 2016 Miner get only 12 5 Bitcoins. As of May 2020, there will even be only 6 25 Bitcoins. , The annual inflation decreases as from 3 percent to 8 1 8 percent as this chart shows. And the number of Bitcoins is the daily output is less and less. We have already 18 million Bitcoins in circulation. That’s 85 percent of all Bitcoins that will ever exist. With 21 million it’s over. Also, in the code. The more we close so the maximum number of Bitcoin are more desirable allowed the cryptocurrency be. New Record High are therefore in sight, experts say. but also record losses. The hedge fund manager Charles Hwang who is also at New York’s Baruch College teaches tracked how the course is changed from Bitcoin for years. Hwang has analyzed the last two Halvings from the years 2012 and 2016 and drawn from its conclusion, for the event next May “We will see a decent price rise,” says Hwang of a Bitcoin price of one million dollars for just quite realistic. But not without side effects. And not Next year. For his predictions he appeals to determine an important indicator to the price of any goods in the future on the stock-to-flow ratio. The basic course go back to an anonymous crypto analysts called PlanB of this model for Bitcoin has developed and published on medium. The model fu? T on the simple assumption that the scarcity of a good direct impact on the price of which has. The stock-to-flow ratio here describes the ratio of the previously existing stock of Bitcoins (floor) and the yearly new coming inflow (flow). With 21 million Bitcoins are ever produced and is currently 12 5 Bitcoins that every ten minutes let’s be ausgeschuttet this value determined relatively concrete. Currently has a Bitcoin stock-to-flow value of 25. By comparison, silver has a value of 22 gold from 62. The stock-to-flow ratio indicates how long it was last at today’s production to the current inventory ware recovered in gold silver or even Bitcoins. The higher the number, the longer the waiting time saying, the more valuable the asset. A value of 62 such states in Gold: Should disappear all the gold in the world suddenly it became last 62 years would be newly produced until the stock. Because the daily production of Bitcoins will fall by the Halving by 1800 to 900 coins it will take long to restore the exact same amount. Halving a result, the stock-to-flow ratio to 50 that doubled. Consequently, the market capitalization should increase considerably. Dollar 55,000 to a Bitcoin after Halving cost is the model of the analyst PlanB. In the course should have a million dollars and be more accomplished. The rapid price rise is however not come without side effects predicted Hwang. His study, the next week is to be published shows: After each new record high prices plunge massively. Such was the case under previous Halving events: abzusturzen 2012 the price climbed only 11 dollars to 1,200 US dollars a few months later to $ 200. 2016 the same game: The course went to the Halving of 600 dollars to 20,000 US dollars and then dropped again to 3,500 dollars. It is a cycle of the Sun Hwang repeated each time. For next May, the expert predicts a similar development. “The course will rise slowly and then significantly absturzen” he says. If one believes his evaluations of recent years here e the: Based on the new record high was the price fall by 90 percent. Of the gains and the former record high so not much would remain Ubrig in the end – despite previous months of rally. Profits are, according to the statistics still possible. Historically, prices fall for a Halving namely never below the previous opening price. In the present case, not under 9,000 US dollars. Even the one-million-dollar mark will long be in it even if Hwang’s not quite as optimistic as McAfee. “I am not a fortune teller,” he says, “but in ten to twenty years could be ready.”

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