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Once a year all over Spain head. Then, namely EUR 3 billion. These will be drawn in various graduations so that every sixth ticket wins. Thus El Gordo offers not only the chance upon wide cash prizes but also a pretty good odds. No wonder mitmanchen so that 90 percent of Spaniards although the lots are not a bargain. Already in mid-July, the lots (billete) for can the popular Christmas lottery in the lottery agencies be purchased. Since 2011, when El Gordo exactly 100,000 ticket numbers namely from 00000 to 99999. Due to the huge demand there is from each lot 170 series thus 170 times the same lot number. A classic Los A4-Gro? E consists of ten tenths lots (decimos) which are separated by perforations can. Thus, there is even 1700/10 lots with the same lot number funfstelligen. Participation in El Gordo is not exactly favorable for a complete lot that also the classic sales unit costs 200 euros. Who could not spend as much of the lot can but share good friends with family members or colleagues thanks to the division. Where which lots will be sold announced by the lottery on the Internet. Meanwhile, it is to take part thanks to the Internet and foreigners possible in El Gordo. Online participation in Germany is somewhat more expensive than the ransom in Spain. Darfur German have the need not to be despised advantage that they do not pay taxes on profits. That’s in Spain different. There the state collects twice: once at the raffle and once at the profit taxation. Nevertheless, 70 percent of lottery revenues are ausgeschuttet. The German Lotto is only 50 percent. Each of the one or more lots has a fever down on 22 December. Because then the drawing of the winners lots takes place. The draw will take place during the morning and is a mehrstundiges spectacle that is transmitted live on television. About 50 percent of all Spaniards watch the final of the lottery. Those who can not live be there doing the meet with friends for a fever. Because gaming communities are very popular in Spain. Many clubs sell lots with a small price premium and so improve the club treasury on. Ultimately, the drawing of the Christmas lottery in Spain is also the Christmas season which lasts until Dreikonigstag. The draw itself is a perfect durchchoreografiertes event that takes place in a Madrid theater. In a huge golden lottery wheel are so many wooden balls as there are lots. So 100,000. Each of these balls is exactly three grams and bears the engraved with laser lot number so that there are no differences in weight caused by ink. In a second slightly smaller drum are so many wooden balls as there are prices. Price for prize will be drawn separately. As a rule, these are so that the line between three and four hours takes roughly 1,800 individual prices. Dafur be from the two Lost drums simultaneously two balls befordert the land each in a separate glass bowl. Schuler of the Madrid Colegio San Ildefonso remove the balls and sing both the lot number before and the entfallenen to profit. The Colegio was formerly an orphanage for boys and is now going to the especially children coming from difficult Familienverhaltnissen a school. For them it is a very special honor verkunden lot numbers and prize money to seal must have. Because the contraction is due to the coincidence of the prize can wait for all at any time be drawn. Theoretically, in the first few minutes. On the first prize of four million euros omitted. Since it the drawn lot number are 170 times he is also paid 170 times. So he alone accounts for 680 million euros. El Gordo hot t incidentally ‘thickness’ and is now used as a synonym for a top prize in Spain. However, most often, the prize money will be paid 1,000 euros. Because it this price he will only hail in the draw so as Pedrea referred meaning hail or falling rocks.

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