Bitcoin imitators – Risky virtual currencies – Stiftung Warentest uses cookies used. For more information, see our Privacy Policy. Daring prognosis. The value of the virtual preservation SwissCoin expected to increase from 30 cents in 2016 to 10 euros in 2020. This forecast presents Manfred Mayer Sales Officer of veto Concept AG SwissCoin sells in a Onlineprasentation May 2016. Bitcoin has many fans. Of these imitators want to benefit. But the risks of OneCoin and SwissCoin are high. Finanztest explains who offers the “crypto-currencies” and how the distribution system of new provider works. As “the beginning of the revolution of monetary transactions” extols the Euro Solution GmbH in Cham in Switzerland their new cash SwissCoin. In June 2016 she started it. In a brochure about the “cryptocurrency” luring them: “Now you are at it when a worldwide movement arises from the beginning.” Other providers rely on the enthusiasm for purely digital currencies, the pioneer Bitcoin has drawn?. Whether this for the customer is actually lucrative but questionable. Newcomers like SwissCoin and OneCoin very different from Bitcoin. In both there are central offices who control the system. The currencies are so far very limited use. The publishers rely on multi Vergutungssysteme for customers to motivate their products to bring more to the people. Behind OneCoin infected, according Firmengrunderin Ruja Ignatova from Bulgaria a “billion-euro company”. It occurs under the brands OneCoin OneLife Network and OneAcademy. hot on the website? t it be OneCoin since early 2016, the second largest cryptocurrency world and less than two years after launch. More than two million customers and 770 million OneCoins there should be. In another two years Ignatova wants to be number one and have ten million customers. Buy training packages for prices from 100 euros plus 30 euros extra charge and get “token” which they submit to the “Schurfen” the OneCoins. OneCoin describes himself as a “centralized” cryptocurrency. It is according to the company “currently not for anyone to act” deliberately open because it was still new. OneCoins can only on one internal network platform traded. Other trading platforms for crypto currencies did not drive OneCoin. Whether and how OneCoins geschurft can be bought and sold depends therefore ma? Geblich by the management from. In June about the company about waiting times of two to three months to customers reported receiving their coins. Ignatova kundigte at the same time extend to the maximum possible amount of OneCoins from October of 2 1 billion to 120 billion pieces. Something like that can pull a course crash after themselves if OneCoin should have overestimated demand. Critics such as the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission interfere at the multilevel pyramidal Vergutungssystem: The company rewards customers when they make it more customers to buy its products and to move cause it again more Buy. “The business model of OneCoin is perfectly legal and not a pyramid scheme to qualify” emphasizes OneCoin against over financial test. The OneLife Network offer genuine products such as mobile Computergerat “OneTablet” and real services in the form of training packages with finance. The business model is based “on the basis of a traditional direct sales strategy.” It is “to earn their income through recommendations and Sell of training packages about cryptocurrency and financial management to non-members” members possible. Commission and bonus were paid directly depending on the success – as well as with well-known companies that offer Kuchengerat Thermomix direct sales goods such as personal care products Amway or dietary supplements Herbalife. the veto Concept AG comes from Leipzig from the direct sales. She introduces herself on the website as of independent distributor of OneCoin. The digital preservation they explained to one of the “hottest financial topics.” She herself sells yet another digital preservation: SwissCoin. Your supervisory board chairman leads the shops of SwissCoin-editor Euro Solution. The model of SwissCoin resembles OneCoin. Again there are training packages with token this time from 25 euros. Also SwissCoins not freely tradable, the Vergutungssystem is more stages. OneCoin halt much of the sales model for copied. The company’s lawyer procured in court an interim disposal his office warned publicly against SwissCoin. The website a platform of cryptocurrency fans exerts criticism of multi-level marketing systems. She denounces unseriose practices and accumulated negative reports. OneCoin is on their “Badlist” a warning list for not recommended offers. Both the lawyer OneCoin and the veto-Concept AG emphasize against over financial test the business model is legal. The SwissCoin-editor Euro Solution did not answer. A digital preservation of a central provider commercially applied for payment precedent – reminiscent of electronic money (e-money). Were the currencies classified as the company needed a permit. In the register of authorized e-money institutions for the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) are but around OneCoin find neither companies nor SwissCoin. If the BaFin rank the currencies as e-money could order the jerk settlement. Also around classical crypto currencies there is requiring a license ACTIVITIES. In June, the magazine reported, “Der Spiegel”, the BaFin prufe OneCoin. The BaFin au? Ert not need to do. but it may be that the digital currencies is called for a number of reasons? s phases to come.

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