How they perform well at every similar what.

Anyway, we can also come to a conclusion that both have their unique benefits.

Below we discuss the debate and how to do it with these two.

It was first proposed in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin in a white paper and created a concept which essentially on the idea of ​​a decentralized Arena for the creation and offering based to create applications.

In a way, an attempt was made widespread in information technology client-server model to overcome.

Now it is a Public and distributed block chain network with Turing Completeness functions.

Ether is a cryptocurrency used in this network.

This safeguard can be used as a driving force behind the network as well as on transactions within the network.

As we have already mentioned and can Ethereum (ETH) in the above information, host to a variety of applications to be where they are made and offered.

It is because that the platform a leistungsfahiger “world computer” is connected by thousands of nodes volunteer around the world which gives it SUFFICIENT resources for excellent Rechenfahigkeiten.

However, it is also a Turing Complete programming language, giving you create applications on the platform the opportunity.

It has its token cryptocurrency the fee for the transactions that can be used are in this block chain network.

Since it is a platform with cryptocurrency they can about brokers and crypto Borsen traded.

This cryptocurrency which was introduced in 2008 was introduced under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

This was created with the sole aim to establish a universal online preservation based on the concept of decentralization.

Complete language was created during Ethereum (ETH) as Turing was created as this stack-based language.

In this context, it is more closely linked to the discovery of the block chain.

Block chain that means is information such blocks can be stacked and are still traceable.

For this reason it is used as a decentralized cryptocurrency.

can be traced Data: are among the advantages.

It is through feeds an alternative possibility transactions for many companies such as Microsoft.

His accumulation offers added value especially if you trade with him.

One can safely say that both have unique characteristics and different purposes.

Rather than playing them off against one another can each of them for their utility use and each of them has its advantage.

We recommend to take advantage of the unique benefits of this block chain networks in each of investing them.

then if you have the opportunity auszuwahlen only do it according to your Bedurfnissen.

Did you know about this cryptocurrency called Ripple is also one of the most popular platforms with their cryptocurrency? Yes you have heard correctly.

Ripple how Ethereum (called XRP) his token preserve the fur within the platform various transactions can be used that take place in it.

in October 2017 alone, it had a market capitalization of 72 billion dollars.

It is a platform on which financial transfers always be easier and better can.

Ripple is a main provider of various financial transactions for all in the financial industry.

The industry may be all a long-term financial value has share on the platform.

This may fiat currencies be raw materials other crypto currencies and even frequent flyer miles.

For example, can use its token preservation as a means to mediate transactions between two banks users of Ripple.

Traditional transactions are deemed inefficient.

Bitcoin transmissions can take at least an hour.

Traditional banks can take up to 5 days.

The ripple takes only 4 seconds.

Incidentally, the commission rate amounts to only $ 0 00 001 and even that is because deter the spammers from to launch an attack.

As already mentioned ripple an intermediary for different types of transactions.

Either replace directly between various exchange methods or use XRP between them to a transaction abzuschlie? S.

Take, for example, a bank-to-bank business.

They want a quick and reliable method to do this.

To initiate a transaction buys a bank XRPs on the Ripple platform.

The bank then over, the sum of XRP to another ripple account that is owned by another bank and destined for the bank.

The other banks received a total of XRP on their own Ripple account.

The recipient bank has recently received the XRP amount by selling it on their market capitalization at the end of maintaining the same amount of money (actual / Fiat) to a tatsachliches account.

All this lasted just 4 seconds (from Ripple Ripple account to account) and the minimum transaction costs of only $ 0.


In this way, both time and money saved what a ripple transfer makes it an efficient process.

Unlike most crypto currencies or crypto platforms Ripple does not work on block chain.

Now you’re probably wondering how this is possible in what will secure the transactions.

Now they have their algorithm and he hot t Ripple Protocol consensus algorithm.

This algorithm ensures that all parties involved in a transaction by consensus are before it is introduced.

It has to avoid a possibility of any wrongdoing.

As already mentioned, the mediating role primarily beneficial.

There are low commissions on transactions and these are fast.

In addition, it offers a Zahlungsokosystem where you earn your maintenance or chemist addition, some use the in the real world next to fiat money has real value.

You can take advantage of this because that ripple is expected grow exponentially.

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