Bitcoin managed but was surpassed far neither the market capitalization of more stucco price.

Bitcoin still hold the most part the market share of the possibilities to over 2,000 digital assets distributed with more than 50% of the total market value in flowing Bitcoin shares? S.

Bitcoin made it to its record price in December 2017 as the best-selling cryptocurrency reached the value of $ 20,000 per unit and probably a handful of millionaires made depending on how prepared handlers and investors in the upcoming increase in the value of Bitcoin were.

Bitcoin pulled the rest of the market so that all great was en crypto currencies reached their record prices.

Since then, Bitcoin a record high .



Litecoin a cryptocurrency which was issued under the thicker LTC is the first Altcoin has ever created.

Altcoin each cryptocurrency which was developed as an alternative to Bitcoin and Litecoin is a direct “descendant” the first and best digital preservation.

Charlie Lee of the company founder and CEO of Litecoin who is also a former employee of Google Inc.

Litecoin with the idea founded the mistakes of Bitcoin to fix.

The goal was to achieve a slight “improvement” of Bitcoin by creating “silver to gold Bitcoins”.

Inspect you rate the LTC.

Litecoin is a lightweight version of the Bitcoin Core Protocol and was to remedy some problems developed Bitcoin has indicated originally – one of these problems, the block time generation was set to 10 minutes.

Litecoin reprasentiert the first Bitcoin-fork which uses an algorithm to others around the block generation time and the time to shorten the fur .



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