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instead indetvom 28 February to 2 March 2019 in Vienna.

More than 2,500 participants panel discussions undlosungsorientierte case studies and an ICO competition.

The price drop after the peak in Dezember2017 has more divided the people with respect to their opinion about cryptocurrency even than before.

The opinions about the zukunftigeEntwicklung differ diametrically.

The fact is that in 2017 many people that money usually invested in gold have pumped into various crypto currencies.

After prices have fallen furKryptowahrungen bought again withdrawn and increased gold this money.

The price of gold is also therefore risen again and now finally the mark of 1,300 US dollars achieved.

Within six months, the price of gold has thus UMCA.

10% gained.

The courses are probably still some time traps and when the bottom has been reached will always adopt well for hundreds of crypto currencies.

Successive will this continue putting only a few remain Ubrig to ten to twenty.

It will give companies what to denWert this digital currencies and their technology believe undnoch strong than before investing in them.

It will be practical applications coming and in a few years three to ten, this will represent a “normal” payment system.

wirdder later this year Axel Springer Verlag, the block chain technology which is used in derKryptowahrung Bitcoin use to use this for thieves payment of additional content.

You know that determines -the first few lines of an online article can be read free of charge and must Darfur wants to access the complete content werauf pay.

then Esgibt the possibility of a one-time payment or that an subscriptions.

2014 The platform SatoshiPay is therefore formed.

This payment service ermoglichtdurch use the block chain technology micro-payments.

There are very clotting gege Buhren in processing the payments and therefore derAxel-Springer-Verlag is to jump on this train.

SatoshiPay offers a turnkey solution which allows us to use dieBlockchain technology immediately and our customers should be bidding.

We look forward to dieZusammenarbeit with Axel Springer recognize the immense potential derBlockchain technology.

As marketable payment solution to block chain solution Focus we bring one of the few Unternehmenmit a forward this technology from the laboratory and indene mainstream.

This is the mission of seitder SatoshiPay founding in 2014.

Using the Stellar block chain is US dollars or euros tatigen manin able payments within Sekundenzu.

With the introduction of the paywall midblock chain is said already in the spring of this expected be can.

It is also interesting that thecompany JPMorgan over the crypto currencies to say.

It was not long ago there has manBitcoin & Co demonized.

Now we speak of it that dieBlockchain have a good chance to reussieren as a technological model for dieFinanzwelt and other industries and particularly in the financial sector Bereichder there was already visible progress.

I hold that it is said this only from said technology and not been from the crypto currencies selbst.

Diese “rather no reinvention of global payment systems” to be.

JP Morgan believes that visible until five years ago, the big tenVeranderungen in the next three.

The recognition of the technology istdurchaus remarkable and JP Morgan unable is a cryptographic safekeeping to look like itself as large is derKonkurrenz for COMPLETE banks probably obvious.

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