The list of known crypto currencies – Charts and courses

  on February 29, 2016 had the cryptocurrency ether used in Ethereum a market capitalization of more than 500 million US dollars.

Only another two weeks had later on 12 March 2016 it already doubled Ethereum has seen a market capitalization of over one billion dollar.

The development is managed by the Foundation Ethereum a Swiss non-profit foundation.

Maintaining XRP fulfills two essential networking functions: it prevents network spam and can serve as a safeguard Bruck in trade with other currencies.

XRP is the only safeguard the Ripple system implies that no counterparty risk: XRP account does not depend on the coverage of an organization.

The creators of ripple generated the network with exactly 100 billion XRP and then about 80 billion contributed to the XRP-profit company Ripple Labs.

Ripple Labs for its part intends to 55 billion XRP to the users of the Ripple network to distribute and retain the remaining 25 billion itself.

In 2013 Ripple distributed 200 million Ripple to participants of World Community Grid.

Total 7 2 billion XRP were distributed to various projects so far.

More money creation by mining as found in many other crypto currencies is at Ripple not vorgesehen.

XRP can primar with the online wallet managed by Ripple will be available but unofficial open source clients which offer this functionality on your own computer.

The Litecoin system is implemented technically almost identical to the well-known Bitcoin system.

The creation and transmission of Litecoins is based on an open source cryptographic protocol and thus is not centrally controlled.

A peer-to-peer network identical as that of Bitcoin manages all transactions balances and the total expenditure.

Litecoins be created by generating based on a cryptographic hash function blocks.

to discover a hash of this ongoing process in which it is called mining.

The rate can be generated with the Litecoins forms a geometric series and halved every 4 years to a fixed total amount of Litecoins achieved ist.

Wie Bitcoins can Litecoin each be divided into smaller units 100,000,000.

NEM (New Economy Movement) was launched on 31 March 2015 of the associated cryptocurrency XEM.

Based on the fundamental values ​​of equality and self-determination, the crypto-platform e sustainable economy has set the goal a zeitgema? To create.

NEM brings a new consensus mechanism itself: Proof of Importance (POI).

The POI algorithm calculates an importance value for each account.

Here, the account balance will be the activity of the account and the importance value of the accounts was interacting with those considered.

The higher the importance value of an account is the more high is too schurfen the likelihood Transaktionsgebuhren.

Accounts with higher behavior are thus not automatically an advantage.

Consequently, a motivation is generated safeguarding actually use and not only keep so that the rotational speed of the preservation is increased.

? Au addition can be attenuated problems among other things, with proof of work hang together such as: Extreme price volatility deflation massive energy consumption and centralizing tendencies.

Litecoin was 7 October 2011 via an open source client by Charlie Lee on GitHub veroffentlich.

Litecoin was developed as an alternative to cryptocurrency Bitcoin and differs from that in at least three points: On the markets Dash is currently the Coin of the hour.

Dash waiting with advantages on may be envious of the Bitcoin suffers but the last few days it went on a controversial distribution of Coins.

In like to order 10 or 20 or equal to 50 percent with Dash up.

And not against the dollar but against Bitcoin! In the ranking of coins by market capitalization Dash has now climbed to place sixth If you look at the long-term dollar price of Dash to fall an amazing performance in the eye: Was the price in November 2015, only about 2 dollars it now stands at more than 50 dollars.

Now that’s a return of more than 2000%.

And in less than 15 months.

Monero (XMR) is a decentralized cryptocurrency similar to the well-known Bitcoin but with star kerem focus on privacy and decentralization as well as a different approach posted scalability.

The word monero is taken from the language Esperanto and means maintaining or just coin.

Unlike many other crypto currencies which such.


Litecoin based only on a split-off of Bitcoin and NEGLIGIBLE altered code Monero was programmed from scratch.

The code was recognized, among others, Vladimir J.

van der Laan Bitcoin core maintainer.

Monero based on the CryptoNote protocol and thus has significant differences from other block chain-based crypto currencies on.

The main differences are the strong anonymity of CPUs for optimal proof-of-work algorithm, the continuous adjustment of mining Difficulty or algorithm for matching the Blockgro? E.

Augur is an Internet platform is a market for predictions.

Simply put, you can bet on Augur conclude about the outcome of any kunftigen event.

For example, if Hillary Clinton about it the next Prasidentin US wird.

Die rates of such bets are publicly and reflect the beliefs of the participants.

This is the highlight of the matter: The private bet is equally to maintain a publicly access handy tool for clues about kunftige developments.

Here you can find the entire list of available and known to us Crypto currencies we take over natulich no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

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